Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Piecing my web site together

Gathering appropriate information is critical as I don't want my web Page to contain non necessary information as I want it to be to the point as I myself find it tedious reading through rimes of unnecessary information.
I searched book guides and used a lot of knowledge that I already had myself to put the web site together.
I choose a common background of the sea as I think this portrays exactly what my whole web site is about the colours are very natural with greens,blues and yellows.
I carefully picked my pictures with pictures from varies areas of the county running through out the website as I think there are many areas that do not get fair coverage of what they can offer in Kerry.
I stoke to a more simplistic approach of designing my web page with little ornamentation and design as I felt the background running threw out the web site was quiet striking and wanted it to speak for itself.
I did not over load the web site with a lot of content instead I kept the content more rigid and decided to only include what was needed.

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