Saturday, November 28, 2009

Week 11!!

hey ah its week 11 where did this semester go..
flew like.
been a mad week in college lots of assessments took place thank god
there over with now though.

every ones getting into the Christmas spirit with CIT Christmas day on
Thurs and what a day that was besides having an exam from 2 to 3 we still
enjoyed ourselves after.

we done the rounds of Bishopstown any way going from house to the loft
to the btown bar still not exactly sure what order that was in :-)

everyone was wrecked yesterday after the eventful day
the toy show was on last night and ryan dint disappoint he done a great
job,high was definitely Jeward how funny are they

going getting my dress from the dress maker for my birthday now hope it
fits now fingers crossed

bye for now niamh xxxxx

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